Help (2005) BBC Comedy Series Paul Whitehouse.


Help (2005) BBC Comedy Series Paul Whitehouse.

Stars: Paul Whitehouse, Chris Langham, Alison King

Note: never commercially released on video cassette or dvd. Sourced from tv airing to video and later copy/transfer to dvd.

Outstanding British Comedy. Very little can be regarded in the same category as 'Help!' for me. I'd put Spaced in there for sure, but nothing else jumps to mind for having the same level of outstanding acting, scripts, originality and that marvellous balance between hilarious comedy and heart wrenching emotional scenes, making it more than just a sitcom.

The show's working title was "Crazy", and the original concept was to have Chris Langham's therapist talking to various celebrity clients. Langham disliked the idea, and suggested that Paul Whitehouse play all the client roles - even though the two had never worked together, or even met.

Format: PAL on DVD-R
Region Code: Multi-region '0'(free)
Source: video recording later transferred to dvd.
Quality: 8/10 (good video quality)
Runtime: 6 x 30 = 180 Minutes.
Presentation: dvd case with case cover and printed discs.