Hearts Of Gold (2003) BBC Wales.


Hearts Of Gold (2003) BBC Wales.

Notes: never released commercially on video or dvd: sourced from tv airing and later copied to dvd.

Director: Richard Laxton
Writers: Matthew Baylis, Catrin Collier (novel)
Stars: Jeremy Sheffield, Kate Jarman, Geraldine James

A great two part drama by BBC Wales sees Doctor Andrew John, the son of the head of the Hospital falls in love with a miner's daughter Nurse Bethan Powell. The two soon become lovers but their families try to keep the two of them apart, as she is from a different social class. His father soon gives him a choice; leave for a job in London or she loses her job, so Andrew leaves a broken hearted Bethan behind. The perceived scandal of their relationship hits the hospital and she gets the sack. When Andrew learns about it he comes back for Bethan but can he really expect her to want him?

This is a great BBC mini series for those who love romances and the actors Jeremy Sheffield and Kate Jarman (who is a new comer in this production) give great performances, as does David Warner as the head of the hospital.

Format: PAL on DVD-R
Region Code: Multi-region '0'(free)
Source: tv recording to video later transferred to dvd.
Quality: 8/10 (good video quality)
Runtime: 180 Minutes
Presentation: dvd case with case cover and printed disc.