Imogen's Face (1998) UK ITV 3-Part Drana


Imogen's Face (1998) UK ITV 3-Part Drana

Note: never released commercially on video or dvd; sourced from a tv airing later copy/transfer to dvd.

Cast: Lia Williams, Samantha Janus, John Bowe,Richard Lintern, Michael Byrne, George Anton, Claire Bloom, Kate Lynn Evans

Imogen (Samantha Janus) seems to have it all - good looks, money, intelligence, a handsome husband and beautiful children. Her sister, Amanda (Lia Williams) is envious, until Imogen confides that she has a lover, and asks for Amanda's help in keeping this secret from her husband. Can Imogen rely on Amanda's sisterly devotion?

This is pure soap opera- but it is the finest castile. The understated intensity of Lia Williams (homely sister) and her boyfriend, George Anton turns what was written as an overwrought mellodrama, into a quality story. If they were all this good I would be in serious danger of becoming addicted to the Romance Channel.

Format: PAL on DVD-R
Region Code: Multi-region '0'(free)
Source: tv recording to video later transferred to dvd.
Language: English (no subtitles)
Classification: 18
Quality: 8/10 (good video quality)
Studio: Silvervision for UK ITV
Runtime: 150 Minutes ( 3 parts)
Presentation: dvd case with case cover and printed disc.