Hot Money (2001) Granada tv drama. Staring Caroline Quentin


Hot Money (2001) Granada tv drama. Staring Caroline Quentin.

Director: Terry Winsor Writers:Neil McKay, John Mister (screenplay
Stars: Caroline Quentin, Georgia Mackenzie, Melanie Hill

Note: this is not an official dvd release.

Three women, Bridget, Liz and Jackie, embark on a plan to steal thousands of pounds of banknotes that were due to be destroyed at the Bank of England's incinerating plant in Essex. Fictionalised account of a real-life case.
Fans of The Bill might recognise Melanie Hill (Liz) - she played the unstable Marie, who met policeman Jim Carver.

Format: PAL on DVD-R (USA buyers with NTSC dvd player will need a duel format dvd player capable of playing PAL and NTSC discs).
Region Code: multi-region '0'
Source: tv recording later transferred/copied to dvd therefore not HD digital quality
Quality: 8.5/10 (better than video)
Runtime: actual Granada tv airing was 125 minutes with tv adverts. This recording runs for 103 minutes with tv ads removed.
Presentation: full size dvd case with case cover and inkjet printed disc.