BLACKEYES (1989) Dennis Potter mini-series



Note: never had a video or dvd release.
Rejected by audiences and critics alike, Potter was labelled 'Dirty Den' by the tabloids for the drama's nudity and dark sexual undercurrents, even in the service of a tale about female exploitation.

Targeting television viewers' passive complicity and complacency and using it against them, Potter bravely injected himself into a narrative which, by dealing in a visceral way with the male objectification of women, was bound to be attacked for doing the same thing itself. It was then, and remains, a deliberately uncomfortable, humorous, densely imagined, frequently powerful if imperfect work, one that practically vanished after its original airing but which, now that its shock value has long been superseded, needs to be re-assessed by a new generation.

Format: PAL DVD on DVD-R
Presentation: hard dvd cover, printed discs and cover
Includes all of the 4 episode mini-series.A 2-Disc set
Quality: 7/10 (video quality)