Brat Farrar (1986) A Josephine Tey Mystery


Brat Farrar (1986) A Josephine Tey Mystery A 3-part tv mini-series.

Never released on vhs or dvd.
When Alex Loding passes Brat Farrar in the street, he's struck by Brat's uncanny resemblance to Simon Ashby. Simon had a older twin brother, Patrick, who disappeared a decade ago, and was presumed drowned. Simon now owns the family farm, Latchetts, a top-notch stable. Alex asks Brat, who loves horses, if he'd care to impersonate Patrick to disinherit Simon. But as Brat grows closer to the Ashby family, he finds the role a dangerous and wearing one; especially as he begins to suspect that Patrick's death wasn't an accident.

Format: NTSC on DVD-R
Region Code: Multi-Region '0' so will play worldwide!
Source: tv airing to video cassette in 1986 later copied to dvd.
Quality: 7/10 video quality only in sound and picture.Some out of voice sync on episode 1 and some colour wash on episode 3 but still very watchable.
Runtime: 3 parts x 50 minutes (approx)= 150 minutes.
Presentation: menu and chapter breaks for ease of viewing.
Comes in a full size dvd case with case cover and inkjet printed disc.