The Challenge (1986) America's Cup


The Challenge (TV mini-series 1986) America's Cup - DVD

Director: Chris Thomson Writer: David Phillips
Stars: John Wood, Lorraine Bayly and Nicholas Hammond

Note: never released officially on dvd, only video. This is a video to dvd copy/transfer and is video quality only.

The story of the 1983 America's Cup challenge, where the Australian team financed by business tycoon Alan Bond, finally wrests the cup from the New York Yacht Club, after an unbroken 132 year winning streak.

Well this 2-Part mini series is definitely a CLASSIC !!!

The suspense and Drama was "edge of the seat" and certainly gave accurate insight into this historic event..

I couldn't help but feel sorry for Dennis Connor though as was forced to face "the music" (without giving anything away).

But even a non-patriotic Aussie would struggle not feeling proud by the end of this 2-part mini-series..

Remember Bob Hawke's statement " Any employer who sacks a worker for not turning up to work today is a bum" sigh

Format: DVD-R
Region Code: PAL multi-region '0'(free)
Source: video recording transferred to dvd.
Quality: 7/10 (video quality)
Runtime: 270 Minutes
Presentation: full size dvd case with case cover.