BOSTOCKS CUP (LWT 1999) Nick Hancock


Bostock's Cup (LWT 1999)Nick Hancock

Director: Marcus Mortimer Writer: Chris England

Note: never had an official video or dvd release.

A one-off comedy drama following the extraordinary good fortune of a seriously third-division football team. With a side of left-footed failures, Bostock Stanley miraculously made it to the FA Cup Final in 1974. Now, on the 25th anniversary of the event, players and backroom staff gather for dinner to settle scores and re-open old wounds. Neil plays Gerald Tudor, a veteran sportscaster, and Nick Hancock is Mike Tonker, his cocky young rival. Mike arranges the reunion of all those involved in the documentary Gerald made in the 1970s charting their Cup run. Its a spoof fly-on-the-wall, with lots of period detail (more terrible 70s clothes and hair styles for Neil).

Nick Hancock
Philip McGough
Neil Pearson
Tim Healy
Maria McErlane
Philip Middlemiss
Roy Barraclough
Ralph Ineson

Format: PAL '0'(free) on DVD-R
Source: direct tv recording to video (later transfer to dvd)
Quality: 7/10 (video quality only)
Runtime: 60 (excluding tv adverts)
Presentation: full size dvd case with case cover and inkjet printed disc.

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