ELLIS ISLAND (1984) full mini-series. Richard Burton


ELLIS ISLAND (1984) FULL MINI-SERIES DVD. Stars Faye Dunaway, Richard Burton:

Note: never had a video or dvd release.
This is the complete seven-hour 1984 TV miniseries Ellis Island on 2 DVD's.

The original tv series (including extensive tv adverts) ran for 3 parts@
Part 1: 180mins
Part 2: 120mins
Part 3: 120mins
Total 420mins (including over 100minutes of tv adverts)
This dvd set has had the tv advers removed leaving 315minutes of actual programming and separated into 2 parts on 2 dvd discs for ease of viewing. This recording includes the whole series but minus the tv advertisements.

Format: NTSC Multi-Region '0' on dvd-r,so will play on all dvd players, worldwide, including European PAL-Only dvd players!

Adapted from a novel by Fred Mustard Stewart

Plot involving several European immigrants who passed through New York's Ellis Island, which served as a holding-shed before release as new residants of New York. Set in the late 19th Century up to the start of World War 1.

Most of the characters are based on real people, notably the Irving Berlin-like musician played by Peter Riegert. Co-stars Faye Dunaway, Richard Burton (in his last film role) and Ann Jillian were honored with Emmy nominations.
A must for any serious Mini-series fan or collector. IMPORTANT NOTE: This rare series has never been released commercially on video or DVD.

Presentation: double dvd case with artwork to case cover and discs; a nice item!