A Friend of the Family (2005)


A Friend of the Family (2005)

A Canadian made for tv movie, based on a true-life story.

Note: this has never had an official dvd release, (sourced from tv airing to dvd).

Director: Stuart Gillard
Writers: Michael Amo, Alison Shaw (novel)
Stars: Laura Harris, Eric Johnson, Kim Coates

After she narrowly escaped rape by attackers in Toronto, artist Alison Shaw and her devoted hunky husband Darrin, a construction worker, move to a rural small town in Ontario and nest a dream home. The locals are welcoming, especially David Snow, who makes Darrin his partner in an Antiques business and gallery for her art, but then she believes David is the serial killer behind a number of murders on women looking rather like her- given his excellent reputation, nobody believes her. Even after they move to Vancouver, her obsession remains focused and Darrin had had enough...

Format: NTSC on DVD-R
Region Code: multi-region '0'(free) so will play worldwide on a standard dvd player.
Source: a tv recording to dvd and remaster with menu and chapter breaks
Quality: 8/10 (good video quality)
Runtime: 84 Minutes
Presentation: full size dvd case with case cover and printed disc.