Malice Aforethought (2005)


Malice Aforethought (2005)

Director: David Blair
Writers: Anthony Berkeley (novel) (as Francis Iles),Andrew Payne (screenplay)
Stars: Ronnie Masterson, Phyllis Ryan, Fiona O'Shaughnessy

Note: this is not an official retail dvd as only released in USA as NTSC Region 1.

Mystery! - Malice Aforethought movie was released Apr 26, 2005 by the WGBH Boston Video studio. The ground-breaking novel upon which this crime film was based was among the first mystery thrillers to reveal the killer's identity at the outset, an adulterous doctor (Hywel Bennett) slowly poisoning his wife (Judy Parfitt) to death. Mystery! - Malice Aforethought movie The settings meticulously replicate the period during which Francis Iles wrote the novel-1931-and the performances make this twisting O. Mystery! - Malice Aforethought video Henry-style story a true English gem.

Also note: this is not the BBC 1979 tv series of the same name starring Hywel Bennett, however the earlier version is available separately from our website.

Format: NTSC on DVD-R
Region Code: multi-region '0'(free) plays worldwide on a standard dvd player.
Source: copy/tranafer from import
Runtime: 150 Minutes
Quality: 8.5/10 (better than video)
Presentation: single dvd in case with case cover and printed disc.