Ending Up (1989). Thames Television. Stars John Mills.


Ending Up (1989). Thames Television. Stars John Mills.

Director: Peter Sasdy
Writers: Kingsley Amis (novel), Douglas Livingstone
Stars: John Mills, Wendy Hiller, Michael Hordern, Lionel Jeffries, Googie Withers,

Note: never released officially on vhs or dvd; sourced from tv airing.

Epitome of a traditional rural English Christmas, reluctantly spent with the predominantly geriatric family, who all have their quirks and eccentricities.

John Mills plays the central role and is the most level headed of the bunch. He plays on the dementia and insanity of the others and livens things up by mocking them. However he quickly becomes irritated by them and begins staging a practical joke, resulting in a catastrophic tragedy.

Perfectly matched cast of veterans like Mills, Withers and Hordern brought together with comedy, drama and ultimate demise.

Format: NTSC on DVD-R
Region Code: Multi-Region '0' so will play worldwide on a standard dvd player!
Source: tv video recording later copied to dvd.
Quality: 7/10 (video quality sound and picture).
Runtime: 80 Minutes (approx)
Presentation: menu and chapter breaks for ease of viewing.Comes in a full size dvd case with case cover and inkjet printed disc.