Underworld (1997). UK TV Mini-Series


Underworld (1997). UK TV Mini-Series

Starring: James Fleet, Alun Armstrong, Camilla Power, Trevor Peacock, Susan Wooldridge, Mike Reid, Kevin Mc Nally, David Troughton

Note: never officially release on video or dvd; sourced from tv airing to video, later copied to dvd.

One of my favourite TV series from the days when Channel 4 (in UK) would present some of the quirkiest television dramas. It's a comedy-thriller which manages at times to be both very funny and at others very thrilling.

William Smith, a middle-class school teacher from a suburb in London, returns home one day to find his wife Gilda has run off with her boyfriend and taken all his possessions with her. With the help of his sister, Susan, they begin a search for Gilda, and are drawn into the British crime world and become caught in the cross-fire of two crime lords who have been fighting each other all their lives: the kind-natured Teddy Middlemass,( Alun Armstrong) and the sadistic Mr. Jezzard ( Kevin McNally).

Format: PAL on DVD-R
Region Code: multi-region '0' (free)
Source: tv airing to video later copy/transfer to dvd.
Production Co:Hat Trick Production for Channel 4
Runtime: 6 episodes x 50 mins= 300 Minutes
Presentation: double dvd case with case cover and simple menu for ease of viewing.