Christabel (1988) BBC Mini-Series.Liz Hurley


Christabel (1988) BBC Mini-Series.Stars Liz Hurley.

Note: there has been an edited 120 Minute USA NTSC Region 1 dvd version released but on offer here is the longer 147 Minute tv version. This is coded PAL (all region) but is not an officially released dvd set as only a USA edited version was released.

Director: Adrian Shergold
Series writing credits: Christabel Bielenberg, Dennis Potter.
Stars: Elizabeth Hurley, Stephen Dillane, Nigel Le Vaillant, Geoffrey Palmer, Suzan Crowley, Jim Carter,

Christabel Bielenberg's historical memoir, "The Past Is Myself," looking back on the years 1932-45, was the source for this depiction of life in Germany during Hitler's rise. Daughter of middle-class English-Irish parents, Christabel became a German citizen in 1934 when she married German law student Peter Bielenberg of a prominent Hamburg family. The couple raised their two sons amid Germany's shifting political climate. In 1939, as the situation became acute, Peter joined a military organization planning to remove Hitler from power. Dennis Potter chose to dramatize their story because, "One, it's a celebration of married love, and, two, it's the perfect answer to the idea of collective guilt. They were confronted with this raving maniac and yet managed to emerge without doing anything degrading."

Format: DVD-R
Region Code: PAL multi-region '0'(free) (USA buyers will require a duel format dvd player capable of playing PAL and NTSC discs).
Source: tv video recording later transferred to dvd.
Quality: 7/10 (video quality)
Runtime: 147 Minutes
Presentation: full size dvd case with case cover.