SEA OF SOULS (Series 3 and 4)


SEA OF SOULS Series 3 and 4
Starring Bill Patterson, Dawn Steele and Iain Robertson with Douglas Henshalls

Note: never had an official dvd release.
3 Disc Set:

Series 3

3.1 Insiders
3.2 Oracle
3.3 Sleeper
3.4 The Newsroom
3.5 Succubus
3.6 Rebound

Series 4

4.1 The Prayer Tree (part 1)
4.2 The Prayer Tree (part 2)

Format: PAL on DVD-R (non-commercial discs)
Region: Multi-region '0' (free)If your dvd player is NTSC format you will need a duel format player (e.g. USA Canada etc)
Source: tv to dvd
Quality: 8.5/10
Presentation: full size dvd case with cover artwork.