Out On A Limb (1987) Shirley MacLaine.


Out On A Limb (1987) Shirley MacLaine. A 2 X DVD Set.
Directors: Robert Butler Writers: Shirley MacLaine, Colin Higgins
Producers: Colin Higgins, Stan Margulies

Actors: Shirley MacLaine, Charles Dance, John Heard, Anne Jackson, Jerry Orbach

Format: HiFi Sound, NTSC Multi-Region '0' (free)on dvd-r, so will play on all dvd players, including PAL-Only dvd players!!
Language English
Classification: PG
Source: a remaster/copy from the original Australian dvd release with chapters and menu selection.
Quality: 8.5/10 ( better than video quality)
Run Time: 235 minutes
Presentation: double dvd case with artwork to front cover and discs.

This TV production came to me before knowledge of the book - I caught the mini-series by chance, attracted by the title and content.

I was left with an overall mood of enlightenment, as if I could suddenly see a broader picture of life. Visually, it was stunning and fired the imagination further, especially, for me, in Peru.

The story line is of aspiritual journey and would be of interest to people who are 'seeking' the adventure takes us from America to Peru.

The book was read immediately afterwards and remains in my top twenty. My interest in Peru of the past is now great due to this mini epic.