The Others (2000) NBC TV Series: (1-13 including Pilot)


The Others (2000) NBC TV Series: (1-13 including Pilot)

Note: this series has never has an official dvd release and no plans to do so.
This set was sourced from tv airings and transferred to dvd.

Created by John Brancato and Michael Ferris, and produced by Delusional Films, NBC and DreamWorks Television. It ran for 13 x 40 Minute episodes from Feb 2000 to June 2000, airing on NBC in the US, Five in the UK and on Nine in Australia. It concerned a group of people with various psychic talents as they encountered different, and often evil, paranormal forces. It was an ensemble show.

Primary focus is on a student, Marian Kitt, as she came to terms with her frequently unwanted abilities. Although the series gradually built up an overall storyline of a strong evil power targeting the group, its cancellation meant that this was never properly resolved.

Note that the episodes were seemingly broadcast out of order. The 6th episode "Luciferous" should have been the 2nd episode as it deals with Marian's decision to join the group. The 12th episode "Life Is for the Living" should clearly have been the 13th (the last one), as it is the end of the story ; a story which is oddly unresolved in the 13th episode. It is believed that episode 13 was delayed and should have been broadcast several episodes earlier. This dvd compilation has the correct sequence of episodes.

Format: NTSC on DVD-R
Region Code: multi-region '0'(free) so will play worldwide on a standard dvd player.
Source: tv recordings copied to dvd.
Quality: 8/10 (good video quality) There is a tv logo that appears on screen.
Runtime: 13 Episodes x 40-43 minutes.
Presentation: A full size 3 Disc case with case cover and inkjet printed discs.